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Dyalise Centre

In Juaneda Hospitals we have a modern haemodialysis centre, located in a privileged place in Juaneda Miramar Hospital, with sea view and daylight.

We have more than 40 years of experience in this medical field and in our centre, we have 29 treatment places for both acute and chronic patients. The premises were completely renovated in 2017 and equipped with the latest technology, Fresenius 5008 monitors.

This technology allows us to offer the latest treatments that always meet the strictest international quality and safety criteria. We also have strict protocols against coronavirus infections.

At Juaneda Miramar Hospital, we have a team of renowned nephrologists and experienced nursing and support staff. We also provide a team of interpreters for our foreign patients. We place particular emphasis on the human element in order to make your treatment as pleasant as possible.

Dialysis is usually carried out three days a week, from Monday to Saturday, in the morning (7.30 am) or in the afternoon (1 pm)). The exact appointments will be assigned to you depending on the availability and organisation of the unit, taking into account your professional and social situation as much as possible.

Our centre, the only one in a private hospital in the Balearic Islands, has:

  • Fresenius Cordiax 5008 dialysis monitors
  • Online haemodiafiltration/high flow haemodialysis
  • Single needle or double needle
  • Bioimpedance (BCM) and ultrasound for vascular access monitoring and pulmonary ultrasound for dry weight adjustment
  • Centre in the hospital with all specialities
  • Motorised chairs and beds
  • Catering service
  • Multilingual care
  • Easy access for people with reduced mobility
  • Television
  • Free internet access

El Servicio de Nefrología del Hospital Juaneda Miramar ha recibido el Certificado de Comunicación S.E.N 2021 por el uso de la técnica de conexión de los pacientes en diálisis, reduciendo a cero las tasas de infección por catéter en nuestra Unidad  "Implantación de “aseptic non touch technique” ANTT para reducir la tasa de bacteriemias relacionadas con catéter en Unidad de Hemodiálisis"

Certificado hemodiálisis
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