Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

Juaneda is committed to providing excellent assistance to local and foreign patients by choosing the best specialists in each case, by the training of our professionals, by knowledge transmission and by creating an environment which favours individual creativity as well as personal and professional progress while always reaching our stakeholders´ expectations.

Our Vision

Juaneda Healthcare Network will be one of the best healthcare groups in the geographical area of influence due to its results and high quality assistance and technology. Juaneda will be acknowledged by professionals, local patients, foreign patients and social environment as an excellent organisation in every sense.

Our Values

Respect for human dignity, giving priority to ethics, human quality and quality assistance.. Freedom of the professional, respecting his/her independence of judgement and giving him/her the adequate support and environment which allows him/her to offer high quality assistance to local and foreign patients. Excellent customer service, for both locals and visitors, understanding their situation and creating a friendly environment, allowing them to converse with us in their native language and encouraging smooth and beneficial relationships with their insurance companies, relatives and families. Collaboration with our personnel, promoting team work and professional development. Respect for the environment, avoiding harm and promoting a model of sustainable development. Promotion of an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to maintain our strategy of advanced technology and constant improvement. Participation with our society and its institutions, to improve our social environment and contribute to the development of our community. Efficiency in all of our activities, aiming for the best possible result while optimizing our resources.
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