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Pediatric dentistry, the importance of children's dental health
Clínica Juaneda

Pediatric dentistry, the importance of children's dental health

There's a lot of responsibility involved in having kids. Looking after their health, their education and their happiness is a lifelong task, but, above all, it is fundamental to pay special attention to their first years of life.

The health of our children is always a priority. For this reason, at Juaneda Dental Kids we raise awareness for both parents and children about the importance of attending to dental health from a very early age.

Dr. Alma Esteras, a pediatric dentist at Juaneda Dental Kids, has helped us to clear up the main questions that parents and children may have.

What is the recommended age for our children's first visit to the dentist?

Unless the child suffers a trauma resulting from a fall or that the parents observe some anomaly or stain in the teeth, from Juaneda Dental Kids we recommend the first visit to be at the age of 3.

At what age should we start to brush our teeth?

It is recommended that parents, even before the first tooth appears, clean the gums (mucous membranes) with a damp cloth a couple of times a day. Thus, when the first teeth come in it will not be an area containing bacteria.

As far as brushing is concerned, it is advisable to start as soon as the first tooth appears.

At the beginning, of course, it will be the parents who will carry out the brushing, but as soon as the little ones acquire a little handling with the brush it is good that they take care of it. Even if the parents check after each brushing, it is important that the children have a good routine and hygiene habit.

What are the main complaints in the oral health of the youngest?

Without a doubt, cavities.

The causes are varied. Children may not reach all their teeth with a toothbrush and parents may not go over them after each toothbrush. Furthermore, the consumption of sweets, which have a large amount of sugar and sticky substances, can cause a large amount of tooth decay.

How often do you have to go to the dentist?

As a general rule, at Juaneda Dental Kids we recommend a check-up every 6 months. Unless the child has had different episodes of cavities and the time is reduced to 4 months until the situation is stabilized.

What happens if a tooth falls out as a result of a fall or impact?

If it is a milk teeth, the first thing to do is to go to the dentist.  However, if we lose a permanent tooth, we should try to find it and keep it in milk until we get to the dentist. The sooner it is and the better it is preserved, the easier it will be to reinsert it in the mouth.

How can we overcome the fear of the dentist?

It is normal that children, and also adults, are afraid of the unknown, which is why at Juaneda Dental Kids we carry out a very important principle: teach, show and do.

In other words, first we teach them what we are going to use, then we show them how it works (what noises it makes and what its objective is) and then we carry out the whole treatment.

There is a very important task for parents so that going to the dentist becomes a reward and never a punishment.

We are certain that all of us working in the same direction will be able to educate health-conscious children.

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