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Thanks to an innovative software developed for Juaneda, the patient can teleconsult a medical specialist from any part of the world in his/her native language.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with any of our medical specialists or if you are considering the possibility of getting an operation in Juaneda, you can request an appointment with your specialists or receive guidance from our Case Manager who will attend you through our Second Opinion platform and advice you of the steps to take.

Through the patient portal you can access medical services for your first consultation or follow up consultations without leaving home. The doctor can consult the client's medical history during the tele-consult. The information and the decisions taken during the consultation will be saved in the clinical record. The patient portal allows you to manage all of your activity online.

Juaneda Second Opinion allows different types of teleconsults: live or recorded, urgent or scheduled by a previous appointment, etc.

Also, it allows different means of communication: the consultations can be done synchronously through chat, by telephone, or by video-conference. Or, consultations can be done asynchronously through sending messages and documents or personalised forms.

Juaneda Second Opinion guarantees a maximum privacy policy with extreme security measures and identity and communication based encryption. Juaneda also pays special attention to data protection policies regarding any patient data.

At Juaneda Second Opinion we offer advice to our patients and once the diagnosis has been made we put them in contact with the most prestigious professionals. We provide our patients with a complete selection of solutions and alternatives with physicians from Juaneda Healthcare Network and other prestigious hospitals.

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