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Promoción - Fertility

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Juaneda Fertility Center, already 10 years fulfilling the dream of being parents

10 years ago, Juaneda Fertility, our assisted reproductive technology unit at Juaneda Hospitales, opened its doors. This centre specializes in the latest technological advances such as the Embryoscope Incubator and offers the best guarantee for those who want to become parents.

Delay in childbearing is one of the main factors why more and more women are turning to reproductive medicine to help them realize their dream of becoming mothers. The average age of women who visit a specialized clinic is 36 years. In this sense, reproductive medicine is an ally so that women can preserve their fertility and be mothers when they decide.

Advances in the field of assisted reproductive technology are enabling tailored infertility treatments that significantly improve outcomes. From egg cell extraction to high pregnancy rates or oocyte cryopreservation. The services offered in this centre range from the most innovative to the most conventional treatments.

At Juaneda Fertility we have an embryology laboratory, crucial in any assisted reproductive clinic. Our laboratory has the latest techniques to achieve the centre’s sole purpose: to have a healthy baby. The Embryoscope Incubator is one of the most outstanding technical advances in recent years. This new cultivation and documentation device has a time-lapse system, with which we can observe changes in the morphology and select the best embryos. In addition, our patients can see the development of their embryos from the images recorded in photos and videos.

Our centre is characterized by a personalized and direct treatment of the patients. We offer you the latest technology and a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the field of assisted reproduction to help you achieve the desire to have children. In addition, we guarantee your privacy and personal treatment. The high pregnancy rate is due to the combination of experience and cutting-edge technology.

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