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This unit is characterised by the use of the latest medical technology in the cosmetic medicine field. This technology uses increasingly less invasive and more effective treatments in order to increase patients comfort.

Alexandrite laser.
Laser which permanently removes hair.

IPL laser.
Intense pulsed light treatment for hair removal and pigmented skin spots.

Subdermal therapy. Remodels the body contour and improves cellulite.

Ultra Cavitation.
Eliminates fat and cellulite non-invasively.

Recommended to eliminate fat stored in different parts of the body.

Radiofrequency body contouring.
Firming treatment. Skin nutrition and oxygenation.

Facial radiofrequency.
Treatment to tighten loose skin on face and neck skin.

Improve blood circulation in the legs with lymphatic massages.

Treatment for flaccidity.

A service which counts with the best specialists in each field as well as consulting and operating rooms which meet the most demanding international standards of quality. Whichever treatment you choose, you will have access to the best medical advice and team.


Infórmese gratuitamente y sin compromiso sobre nuestros tratamientos de cirugía plástica, reparadora y estética.
Posibilidad de financiación de hasta 5 años.

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