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A great team of interpreters consisting of professionals of different nationalities.

Since our foundation in 1917,

Juaneda Hospitales have been the reference healthcare facility for national and international patients, specialising in the medical care of tourists coming to the Balearic Islands. We have always been characterised by a clear commitment to excellence in patient care. We have an experienced and extensive team of international patient carers and interpreters, based in the same hospital and available 365 days a year. They provide personalised care, support and assistance in more than 20 languages so that our patients can express themselves in their own language with ease, comfort and clarity.

The team of interpreters, made up of professionals of different nationalities, accompanies, facilitates and enables communication between staff, patient and family. They also take care of the administrative handling with foreign travel or private health insurances to facilitate the bureaucratic formalities for our patients. In addition, we organise and manage the booking of oncology and haemodialysis sessions.

This service aims to provide added value and excellent care, fundamental values of the Juaneda Group.

Red Asistencial Juaneda was a pioneer in the introduction of customer service in the private health sector in the Balearic Islands, with the mission of facilitating

the patient's stay at the centre as much as possible: Assistance, interpreters, problem solving, administration.

When we talk about health, we speak the same language as you.


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