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Juaneda Domicilio (Juaneda Home Care) is the Juaneda Group company that deals with the care and well-being of people in their own homes.

A team of professionals, nurses, nursing assistants and physiotherapists complete our home care team, with the guarantee of Red Asistencial Juaneda. Juaneda was founded in 1917 and has over 100 years of experience caring for people.

At Juaneda Domicilio (Juaneda Home Care) we care about the needs of our customers in their everyday home life. For this we have a range of services, such as home medical care, elderly care and home maintenance.


You can contact us by phone at 971 22 41 41
or by email at sermayores@juaneda.es.

If you wish, you can also request more information to our patient care teams in our centres.

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