Development and expansion

Our group, initially formed by Juaneda Clinic and an organisation of medical centres called Juaneda Medical Emergencies, has gradually incorporated other centres (clinics and hospitals). Our network of private healthcare is the main group in the Balearic Islands when referring to the amount of hospital beds and medical services.

Using the strategy of achieving an integrated healthcare with the goal of constantly improving itself, the Juaneda Healthcare Network participates directly or indirectly with the following business organisations.

Hospital Centres

  • Juaneda Clinic
  • Miramar Polyclinic
  • Muro General Hospital
  • Juaneda Menorca Clinic
  • Virgen de Gracia Polyclinic

Medical and health care centres

  • Juaneda Alcúdia Rehabilitation Centre
  • Juaneda Rehabilitation Sa Pobla Centre
  • Salvà Clinic
  • Scandinavica Clinic
  • Juaneda Medical Emergencies
  • Clinic Scandinava Área Puerto Rico
  • Consultes Mèdiques Juaneda Inca
  • Clinic Scandinavica Área Puerto Rico (Hotel Bahamas)
  • Clinic Juaneda Alcúdia
  • Clinic Juaneda Centre
  • Clinic Juaneda Ciutadella
  • Clinic Juaneda Es Mercadal
  • Clinic Juaneda Paguera
  • Fertility Centre
  • Laserclinic
  • Juaneda Dental
  • Juaneda Beauty
  • Physiotherapy at home
  • Juaneda at home
  • Dialysis Muro

Food hygiene (consultancy and training)


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