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Fighting alcoholism with Juaneda Hospitals
Clínica Juaneda

Fighting alcoholism with Juaneda Hospitals

There is a disease that can destroy the life of the person affected and everyone around them: alcoholism.

Unfortunately, it is a disease that cannot be cured, but for which there is a possible solution. There is abstinence and there are many people who are able to live and remain abstinent for the rest of their life.

With alcoholism begins a process of degradation due to the disease and the addiction: loss of friends and family and limitations in the way of living and in relationships with others.

At Juaneda Hospitals we can and want to help you. We want to provide you with the sufficient means to manage abstinence without having to resort to that devastating and deceptive substance, alcohol. 

The liver of an alcoholic is capable of full recovery provided it has not developed cirrhosis. This means that the sooner you start treatment, the less you will lose on a personal level and on an organic level.

Alcohol Detoxification Unit from the Juaneda Group

The first thing we need to know is whether the patient is aware of his problem and, above all, whether he accepts the help we offer. It is not possible to start therapy if the patient does not accept that he needs help and does not want to be cured.

If he finally asks for help, we will use all our professional and scientific skills to help him achieve permanent abstinence.

The first step is detoxification. At Juaneda Hospitals, we run an intermediate programme of 4 nights and 5 days.

During the first consultation, the patient gets to know the Juaneda Hospitals team. If the patient agrees to the programme, we perform a small pre-operative examination, which includes an electrocardiogram, chest X-ray and analytical tests to see the extent of the disease.

He is admitted on a Monday and begins treatment with the help of various specialists: a team of internists, neurologists, psychiatrists, etc.

Detoxification consists of preparing the mind and the organism for the task ahead. With hospital admission, we control the delirium tremens that occurs with withdrawal symptoms. Thanks to in-hospital detoxification with standard medication, the patient is ready to continue with therapy again after 78 hours.

Detoxification is an extremely important phase. It is about removing debris to leave the site spotless and from there to start building the patient's new life.

After admission, the patient has the option to choose whether we will continue to help him through the detox phase or if he would like to tackle it with the help of other professionals.

On the other hand, if a professional outside Juaneda Hospitals has a patient who needs detoxification - as long as his protocol is in line with ours - he can start the detoxification at Juaneda Hospitals.

We are aware that for patients suffering from alcoholism, the main obstacle is overcoming fear and shame of the abyss to give up the life they have led. However, we at Juaneda Hospitals assure you that you can, that alcoholism can be overcome, you just have to decide to do it, and we, with our great team of professionals, will help you achieve it.

Juaneda, close to you.

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