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Juaneda Hospitales, helps to combat cognitive impairment
Clínica Juaneda

Juaneda Hospitales, helps to combat cognitive impairment

As we grow older, one of the greatest fears is the loss of our identity: the fading of memory, the deterioration of our cognitive abilities and the loss of sanity.

After a certain age, especially after 65, occasional lapses of memory, absent-mindedness or forgetfulness, both in ourselves and in our closest family members, can cause us to worry more than we should.

At the first symptom consistent with cognitive impairment, a pilgrimage of tests begins that can be as agonising as it is desperate: Visits to the neurologist, the clinical psychologist, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, etc. Tests and more tests until an accurate diagnosis is made.

At Juaneda Hospitals, we want to make your life easier.

Dr. Miquel Munar, Consultant in the Neurosciences Department at Juaneda Hospital, has a multidisciplinary team of different professionals who facilitate the procedure for patients. Using a protocol to determine if and what type of cognitive impairment is present, the patient receives a diagnosis and a strategy to follow in just 12 hours.

If you believe a family member or loved one is experiencing symptoms that indicate significant memory or clarity loss, all you have to do is call Juaneda Hospitals and make an appointment.

The patient is admitted at 8 am and after being assigned a private room, we begin the protocol: Measurement of vital signs, blood sampling, CT scan, visit of the clinical psychologist who will do a psychometric assessment using various tests. Visit of the neurologist, neurophysiologist, psychiatrist, etc.

With all the information obtained from the various specialists, both the family and the patient have a diagnosis on the day of admission.

If criteria of cognitive deterioration are identified that could end in severe dementia, we are there to support the family in this process and provide them with everything they need.

Once the diagnosis is made, a long journey begins for the family, during which Juaneda Hospitals offers everything they need to support the patient.

We offer help in both the medical and family aspects, as dementia patients often have problems with their caregivers. We offer home care and support as well as a short-term care unit, which is available to all family members who need to spend a few days away. This is a unit where patients can stay for a maximum of one month and where we take care of everything: Care, nursing, doctors, psychiatrists, etc.

24 hours of attention from the best specialists.

At Juaneda Hospitals we have a solution to your problem. Whether it's medical, social or family issues.

Juaneda, close to you.

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