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5 things you need to know to take care of your baby's oral health
Clínica Juaneda

5 things you need to know to take care of your baby's oral health

Looking after the health of your little ones' mouths is a fundamental part of their growth. Although some may think otherwise, baby teeth are very important for children's development. Thanks to a clean and healthy mouth, your children will be able to eat a healthy diet, maintain the necessary spaces for their permanent teeth and, for example, make it easier for them to learn to speak.

Looking after the health of their teeth is a very important task for which, especially at the beginning, they will need your help.

At Juaneda Dental Kids we would like to highlight 5 things you should do to look after your baby's oral health.

1.  Wash the gums with a moist gauze bandage as soon as the first teeth appear so that no infections occur. However, care of the teeth should start before the first teeth appear. It is important from the beginning that the whole area is clean to avoid unnecessary infections.

2.  Start brushing as soon as the first tooth appears. It is very important that children develop a good routine from the beginning. Of course, parents should be attentive and monitor the brushing, but the little ones themselves should start brushing in circles with each new tooth that appears. 

3.  The child should not go to sleep with a bottle containing anything other than water. The remains of the milk could cause tooth decay. It is also not advisable to dip the soother in sweet substances.

4.  If no abnormalities have been observed before, it is advisable to schedule the children's first visit to the dentist at the age of 3. This allows a specialist to rule out signs of early caries or other conditions. In addition, six-monthly check-ups are essential thereafter to follow the development of the child's teeth.

5.  Promote the visit to the dentist as something positive. It is important to debunk the myth of fear of the dentist. At Juaneda Dental Kids we will always show children and parents what we do and how we do it and only then will we proceed. It is important that children see a visit to the dentist not as a punishment but as a reward.

A good routine of tooth brushing in the early years not only reduces the risk of the dreaded tooth decay, but also helps children grow into adults with healthy, clean mouths. Your efforts are important now; your children will undoubtedly thank you.

Juaneda, close to you.

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