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3Shape intraoral scanner, a new device at Juaneda Dental

3Shape intraoral scanner, a new device at Juaneda Dental

In recent years, dentistry has experienced a digital revolution. We are witnessing a remarkable development that improves not only the experience of patients but also the work of professionals.

Thanks to technology and its advances, at Juaneda Hospitales we can benefit from improvements in medical processes that used to take longer, be more complex or less precise.

At Juaneda Dental, always at the forefront of technology, we have a new device, the 3Shape intraoral scanner.

This is a diagnostic instrument that allows us to digitally visualise the entire oral cavity. This device enables us to improve the patient experience, reduce the time spent in the dentist’s surgery and apply new treatment options.

Moreover, this device makes our work easier when making prosthesis, because we can do without the old and for the patients annoying and unpleasant impression masses. Moreover, thanks to this new scanner we are much faster and more precise in making any type of prosthesis.

Taking the impression is very easy, fast and completely painless. The intraoral scan consists of making some recordings of the upper and lower dental arches and sending them to the laboratory.

"Normally, the first scan is sufficient to produce any type of prosthesis. When we run the scanner over the teeth and gums, the images go straight to the laboratory. This is why the laboratory can contact us immediately in case of errors or changes, and we are able to correct them on the spot, without the patient having to return to the surgery on another day to take new images", says Dr Mª Antonia Cirer, dentist at Juaneda Dental.

Finally, we would like to remind you that you can make an appointment with Juaneda Dental if your dental check-up is pending.

A healthy mouth is always a happy mouth.

Juaneda, close to you.

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