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“Healthy Child” Program
Clínica Juaneda

“Healthy Child” Program

One of the keys to good adult health is preventing disease during childhood.

And of course, in order to prevent possible diseases in children, it is important to observe them and, if necessary, treat them.

Dr. Adolfo Ortega, paediatrician at the Juaneda Muro hospital, explained the “Healthy Child” program to us. A program developed by the centres of the Juaneda Hospitals that stands out for its quality and loving care.

This is a program in which all paediatric patients are regularly monitored - one visit per month – during their first year of life. Visits, which, as the name of the program suggests, are made when the child is healthy.

All aspects of development, both psychomotor and physical, are controlled in the first year of life as it is the best time to influence good habits. In addition, the program not only ensures the health of the children, but also offers parents valuable help and support at a time when they are often lost and also vulnerable.

Every month with support from the paediatric staff on both childcare and issues related to health and development.

The basic idea is to get to know all patients very well in order to convey the concept of a paediatrician with personal attention, who is a leading figure for children. A person who is always attentive and notices when the child feels good or bad and at the same time a reference who knows the family and school environment and all circumstances that can have an influence on his development.

The main goal is to get to know the child fully in all areas of his life, not just sickness and health. The frequent routine checks, especially during the first year of life, are intended to get to know the healthy child and thus to better notice when he is feeling bad.

Sometimes the paediatrician discovers problems or abnormalities in children that even their parents had not noticed. This is the result of the regular and frequent visits in the first years of life, which allows them to get to know each patient well.

Like Dr. Adolfo Ortega told us, one of the most difficult moments is to say goodbye to his (no longer so small) patients whom he has accompanied during their growth for 14 years.

For the doctors, just as for the parents, they will always be the babies they saw grow.

Juaneda, close to you.

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