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New Department of Paediatrics Juaneda Inca
Clínica Juaneda

New Department of Paediatrics Juaneda Inca

At Juaneda Hospitales, we believe that excellence can only be achieved thanks to an exceptional medical team and staff but also state-of-the-art facilities. Well-kept, renovated, modern, comfortable and well-equipped facilities.

For this reason, the extensive renovation of the paediatric department in the facilities of the Juaneda Inca Medical Centre has been excellent news for both the residents of the area and the entire team of Juaneda Hospitales.

The facilities have become a bit dated over time, which is why a major renovation was necessary. In addition to the complete repainting of the centre, the new furniture and the repair of the outside terrace including a small play area for the little ones, we have also invested in new equipment for the consulting rooms, such as otoscopes, measuring devices, scales for weighing babies and all necessary materials, so that we can offer a complete and specialized service.

In addition, the centre offers continuous care for all children in the region every working day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. The aim is to have maximum availability and to take care of all children as they need it.

Thanks to the link between Juaneda Inca and the Juaneda Muro Hospital, children who need special paediatric care (pulmonologist, gastroenterologist, cardiologist, surgeon ...) are referred to the hospital centre so that they do not have to travel to Palma.

One of the strengths of Juaneda Inca is the human team. The people who make it up are characterized by their close and personal care.

Employees who not only take care of the medical part, but also the overall well-being of their patients. They know the health history, but also aspects of their family, school and psychosocial life, essential elements to ensure the health of the little ones.

A familiar centre, close to you and renovated for all of you.

Juaneda, close to you. 

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