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Non Shaven Fue: leading hair transplant technique
Clínica Juaneda

Non Shaven Fue: leading hair transplant technique

Hair loss is a major concern for both men and women. Baldness, also known as alopecia, has become an increasingly common problem in today's society which, however, has different treatments to overcome it.

At Juaneda, besides carrying out two more 'conventional' treatments, we are leading experts in using a revolutionary hair transplant technique: NON SHAVEN FUE.

Dr. Marco Romagnoli is the only specialist on the islands that is experienced and that works with this new technique.

His area of expertise is the extraction of the follicular units without having to shave the area. Why is this point so important? Because all our patients can return to their normal life within 24 hours after the procedure as it was not necessary to shave their heads. 

It is a manual technique in which we extract the hair from the donor area (head, legs, arms) through very small incisions that make this technique one of the least invasive in medicine.

Hair transplant process with the NON SHAVEN FUE technique

1. DESIGN: Dr. Marco Romagnoli, in an agreed manner with each patient, will draw on the patient's scalp what areas to implant. There are many factors that are taken into account when defining the area: degree of alopecia, preferences of the patient, age, capacity of the donor area and, above all, the naturalness of the treatment.

2. ANESTHESIA IN THE DONOR AREA: Relax. It is not a painful technique as we apply local anesthesia in the donor area before starting the extraction of the follicular units.

3. GRAFTS: We will extract them manually, one by one.

4. ANESTHESIA IN THE RECEIVING AREA: Just like the painless follicles extraction treatment, it is also painless when grafting them, since we will also anaesthetize the receiving area.

5. IMPLANTS: As we have drawn in step 1, we will introduce the grafts, one by one, in the receiving area.

6.  POSTOPERATIVE: It is very important that the patient follows carefully the guidelines set by Dr. Romagnoli and his team.

Since we must extract each follicular unit one by one it can result in a long surgery, but the fact of not needing to shave the patient's head keeps the treatment invasion to a minimum and also allows the patient to return to their routine in less than 24 hours.

If you have any doubts or would like more information, Juaneda encourages you to ask for an appointment to see Dr. Romagnoli so that you can get a personalised and a complete diagnosis.

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