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Desinfección en los hospitales, la clave del éxito
Clínica Juaneda

Desinfección en los hospitales, la clave del éxito

When we look back and review everything that has happened in recent months, we can only be moved. There were moments of tension, fear and insecurity, but sometimes also satisfaction when we saw that we belong to a united group that is able to deal with the virus.

Experiencing one of the biggest health crises in a hospital lead the entire team, absolutely the entire team, to act in a coordinated, coherent and organized manner. From the cleaning staff to the medical staff, the team at Juaneda Hospitals successfully managed to deal with an unusual situation.

"During this pandemic, the main focus was on the medical staff, but the cleaning staff also played an important role," says Josefina Burruezo, head of the cleaning department at Juaneda Clinic.

The team led by Josefina was inevitably affected by the Covid-19 crisis. Cleaning and disinfecting the entire hospital, not just the area where the coronavirus patients were admitted, was the key to non-spreading the virus.

In addition to implementing their old cleaning protocols (daily room occupancy list, task list for individual employees, etc.), they adapted their routines to the current situation in order to disinfect every last corner of the hospital: disinfect before entering and after leaving the Covid area and all rooms, use of special suits and other extreme precautions to provide the best service with maximum security.

"Despite the tension caused by the responsibility of our work, every day was a lesson", says Josefina, touched when she remembers the most difficult moments of the past few months. “In the beginning, new patients were constantly admitted. It seemed like it would never end. Also, when I got home, the news was not hopeful at all", says Josefina, visibly moved. Moments that undoubtedly stood in contrast to the moment when the tension in the hospitals eased, the number of infections started to decrease and the number of discharges increased. One of the special moments of this crisis.

The cleaning and disinfection tasks were a determining and decisive factor in combating the virus and preventing transmission.

For this reason, we, the Juaneda Hospitals, would like to thank Josefina Burruezo and her entire team. A task that, despite its apparent invisibility, was crucial and decisive for overcoming the crisis. We appreciate the effort, the good work and the ability to keep smiling despite all the difficulties.


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