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What is the effect of COVID-19 on pregnant women?
Clínica Juaneda

What is the effect of COVID-19 on pregnant women?

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences a woman can have. To feel the baby slowly growing in the womb is a magical moment. But at the moment there are moments when fears and doubts arise.

Due to the current situation and the consequent curfew, restrictions in movement are unavoidable. Our Juaneda Hospitals are concerned that expectant mothers should not feel alone in this situation. 

Dr. José Luis Vidal, coordinator for obstetrics and gynecology at Juaneda, has provided us with important information for pregnant women who are currently preoccupied with the pandemic and its effects on their babies and their own health.

First of all, Dr. Vidal clarifies that pregnant women are not a risk group. However, it is always necessary to respect the established rules of hygiene, social distance, isolation, etc.

Women who have become infected during pregnancy do not necessarily have to be treated differently than a woman who is not pregnant.

Regarding the effects that this infection can have on the baby, there does not appear to be a significant risk of what is known as vertical infection. This means that there is no indication that it is an infection that passes from the mother through the placenta to the baby. There are very few cases of infected babies worldwide. And in many cases, these can be postnatal cases that occurred after birth.

One problem that affects pregnant women most is the frequent visits to the doctor during pregnancy. Because of the current COVID-19 alert, visits to the doctor in hospitals have been drastically reduced.

Dr. Vidal explained which essential examinations you should have during pregnancy. 

Ensuring pregnancy: From the moment a woman believes she is pregnant, it is necessary to go to the gynaecologist to have an ultrasound scan and to have the pregnancy confirmed. This is a routine examination to confirm the pregnancy with a blood test.

12-week ultrasound scan: The baby is examined morphologically. In addition, some data are extracted which, together with the analysis, provide all the results as to whether there is a risk of chromosomal abnormality.

20-week ultrasound scan: Morphological ultrasound is performed to examine the structure of the foetus and its biometry (shape and proportions). This makes it possible to determine whether the baby is developing normally and to rule out malformations. Due to the current situation, this examination can be performed between the 19th and 22nd week.

Ultrasound scan between 24 to 25 weeks: During this examination the so-called "O'Sullivan test" will be carried out which is used to detect gestational diabetes. This examination is important because in case of a positive result the further examinations will be different.  This is where the most important part of the prenatal control is ensured. From this moment on it is important that the baby grows and gains weight.

Ultrasound scan between 34 to 36 weeks: This ultrasound scan is essential to rule out cases of abnormal growth. The weight of the foetus, as well as the movements and condition of the placenta are checked.

From then on, all further examinations are very important, as the time of birth can be defined. Your gynaecologist will give you precise information on how often you should be examined until the time of birth.

At the Juaneda Hospitals, we want to give you the calmness and security you need to experience your pregnancy as one of the happiest moments of your life. And if you have any doubts, questions or suggestions, you can contact us by e-mail at ginecologí or by phone at 971 767 248.

Juaneda, always near you.

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