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Advice for cancer patients on how to deal with COVID-19
Clínica Juaneda

Advice for cancer patients on how to deal with COVID-19

These aren't easy times for anyone.

The arrival in Europe of COVID 19, the airborne virus that has paralysed the whole world, combined with its rapid growth curve in our country, has changed our lives.

In order to stop the curve and protect people at risk (elderly people, people with previous pathologies or people suffering from immune deficiency), a state of alarm has been declared in Spain that keeps us all confined to our homes.

At Juaneda Hospitals, we want to pay special attention to patients suffering from any kind of cancer, since this disease, regardless of the treatment they receive, often affects the normal functioning of the immune system.

The immune system of many cancer patients is weakened, so they face a greater risk of infection, and they must be especially careful to take extreme precautions to avoid contagion.

Advice for cancer patients:

  - Don't go outside: avoid going outside unless it's strictly necessary.

  - Avoid physical contact: try not to shake hands, kiss or hug family members, and even less so strangers.

  - Do not move around in crowded places.

  - Wash your hands frequently: use soap and water for at least 20 seconds or rub with a disinfectant containing at least 60% alcohol. It is one of the greatest aids against the contagion.

  - Be careful to touch your eyes, nose and mouth, especially before washing your hands.

  - Extreme cleanliness: usual surfaces and objects should be disinfected regularly.

  - Disposable tissues: use them once and throw them away.

  - Avoid any contact with people with symptoms: fever, cough, muscle aches, sore throat or breathing difficulties.

   - Keep a good and healthy diet

  -  The use of alcohol and tobacco is prohibited: in addition to being harmful to health, they also weaken the immune system. 

- As far as possible, avoid sharing kitchen utensils: cutlery, glasses, etc.

  If you feel any of the symptoms described above (cough, fever, sore throat, etc.) you should immediately call your doctor who will then ask you about your symptoms, where you have been in the last few days and with whom you have had contact. It is very important that you follow his instructions on how to act.

At Juaneda Hospitales, we are working with the responsibility that this situation requires, prioritising at all times the safety and well-being of our patients and of the general population. We are convinced that together we will succeed in putting a stop to Covid-19.

Juaneda, always near you.

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