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Hollywood smile, the design of a perfect smile
Clínica Juaneda

Hollywood smile, the design of a perfect smile

In one of his most famous phrases, the famous writer Gabriel García Márquez referred to the importance of a nice smile. A kind of warning to all those who thought to stop smiling because, as the Colombian genius said, we never know who can fall in love with our smile.

But what exactly is a perfect smile?

Many of you may think that it has to do with the size of your teeth, their color or their position. To achieve a perfect smile, healthy teeth are the recipe.

Therefore, the first thing we should do before we start a cosmetic treatment is to disinfect the mouth. Check your hygiene, the cavities and finally start to create the aesthetics of the smile, what we call Hollywood Smile, an individual design of the smile for each patient.

Some may start from a practically perfect smile and only need a whitening, while others will want to improve the shape, color, remove some stains or make some rotations.

In Juaneda Dental we have all the treatments and techniques. But without a doubt, the most fashionable treatment is veneers, since it is the least invasive for the tooth.

We produce a kind of porcelain pattern that are glued to the tooth and can change from shape or color to small rotations without losing the original piece. We only have to roughen the tooth minimally and sometimes we don't even have to touch it.

Nowadays we work with much more aesthetic ceramics than before, which were more opaque. Nowadays it is transparent ceramics that give us much more natural results.

This is a rather fast treatment, because the patient has finished the treatment in two or three weeks and can lead a normal life.

And as we know, it can be a difficult decision to have such treatment done. That's why we at Juaneda Dental show you the results before we start the treatment.

In addition, each treatment is tailored to the patient so that they do not feel uncomfortable.

And how do we do that? We make some models and take impressions.

Usually we do a wax-up on your model to see what your smile might look like. Then, in the mouth, we make a model, a kind of design, so that the patient sees the new shape and color that overlays his own teeth.

When designing the smile, it is our goal that every patient feels comfortable and happy with themselves, and although the aesthetics vary from patient to patient, it is our job to guide, accompany and advise them all individually.

Juaneda, takes care of your health!

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