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The importance of going to the speech therapist: stuttering or dysfluency?
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The importance of going to the speech therapist: stuttering or dysfluency?

Language is the key element of human communication. From the moment we get up until the day is over, we use the language for any activity we do: talk, organize, reason, listen, etc.

Having speech problems can lead to changes in behaviour and relationships with others who suffer from this type of difficulty. Often, it becomes a factor that can shape the personality of those who suffer it: shyness, inhibition or limitation, are usually some of its consequences.

Any disorder or difficulty of language, speech and voice in communication can appear during different stages of childhood, adolescence or adulthood.

In children it is usually due to difficulties in the acquisition of that learning, especially in the early maturation stages of the child. Also, we should keep in mind that speech therapy is among two main fields: health and education.

According to specialists, it is not the same to develop language at 3 years than at a later age because language is the basic requirement for learning cognitively in the academic area and for learning executing functional areas. While in old age, there are neurological problems in which language is also altered.

This is why the specialist in speech therapy, Belén Pretel, affirms that it is important that consultations to speech therapists should always carried out at an early age in order to prevent these kind of problems.

A speech therapist is a professional who works on aspects of language, speech and communication. Not only in oral language, but also in written language. Some of the problems he addresses during his consultations are stuttering and different types of dysfluencies.

One of the differences between dysfluency and stuttering is related with its evolution. Disfluencies tend to remit and disappear, while stuttering is intermittent. 

Disfluencies always have a better prognosis and they tend to improve, not only in children but also in adults. A clear symptom of dysfluency is the repetition of words, phrases or syllables.

The origin and cause of stuttering are undetermined. Even so, there are a number of strategies in order to be overcome at the social level. The speech therapist will help you train a series of strategies to practice speech, respiratory coordination and other aspects related to the suprasegmentally parameters of speech to achieve an increasingly fluid speech.

Due to the great importance that language has and the functions it fulfils, any problem in the production or understanding of it entails a significant disadvantage for the individual, and it is here that the speech therapist performs his most important work.

They will be in charge of proposing a series of strategies and programs that can help people suffering from this type of problems to make this maturation and achieve that this learning is acquired.

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