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Summer Skin Care Tips
Clínica Juaneda

Summer Skin Care Tips

The summer is just around the corner, the heat begins to rise and beaches and swimming pools are filled with people craving for sunshine and perfect tanning.

At Juaneda Hospitals we want to warn of the dangers that sun radiation can cause on our skin.

The first thing we must bear in mind is that the sun can become a double-edged sword. Despite being psychostimulant and having positive health benefits for humans, it can also cause damage to our skin due to radiation, especially during the summer months. 

There is one statement that we must always think about: the skin remembers.

In other words, the radiation we receive throughout our lives builds up and produces a number of mutations, genetic errors in the cells, which are not reversible. Throughout the years, the sun will appear in the shape of spots, atypical moles or, in the worst case, skin cancer, the most common cancer that exists.

That is why at Juaneda Hospitals we want to give you some recommendations to prevent your skin from suffering this summer:

1.  Identify the skin type: it is important to know this information since the appropriate photo protection will depend on the skin colour, the eyes and hair colour, the medical background and the history of each patient. There are different types of sunscreens with different purposes and it is very important that we detect which one is the most suitable for us.

2.  Protect yourself from the sun: once the best sunscreen is selected, it is very important to make several applications a day, and people with previous antecedents should take additional measures. Wear glasses, caps and T-shirt to avoid sunburns.

3.  Beware of sensitive areas: there are certain areas that we always forget when applying sunscreen: the scalp, the ears, the neck area and the lips. It is very important to not forget any of these areas.

4.  Do not reuse sunscreen from previous years: the sunscreen's main components come from particles that must penetrate the skin. These molecules will probably not be absorbed into the skin in creams from previous years. In other words, they won't have any effect.

5.  Extra care for children: Do not expose children under 6 months of age to the sun, and dress them with a hat, T-shirt and avoid the beach or swimming pool. After 6 months we also recommend the use of physical sunscreens (insoluble molecules that block ultraviolet radiation) to prevent the penetration of radiation into the skin.

6.  Change of mentality: going to sunbathe in order to get a tan is a mistake. The mere fact of changing the skin color means that the cells have had to make a number of chemical reactions to release melanin. In other words, causing accumulated genetic errors.

7. Hydration: if you have suffered a sunburn, we need to moisturize. A skin regeneration based on vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant that tries to reverse those genetic errors that occur in cells after burns.

Nonetheless, the first thing we recommend from Juaneda Hospitals, is to go to a specialist and have your dermatologist make an assessment of your skin type.

Remember, we must protect ourselves every day, not just during the summer.

Juaneda, close to you.

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