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Juaneda Miramar, leader in stereotactic radiosurgery on the islands
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Juaneda Miramar, leader in stereotactic radiosurgery on the islands

The positive side of technology applied to medicine is the arrival of much more effective, accurate and less aggressive treatments for the patient.

Juaneda Miramar has added a treatment which, besides being the only one of its kind in the Balearic Islands, is capable of saving time for hundreds of patients who, until a few months ago, had to travel to the mainland to receive this treatment.

The stereotactic radiosurgery is a type of non-surgical radiotherapy used to treat functional illnesses and small brain tumours.

Since there is no incision, it is not a traditional surgery, but is performed through three-dimensional images that target the radiation doses directly to the affected area with minimal damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. Like many other types of radiation, stereotactic radiosurgery damages the DNA of selected cells. Affected cells lose the ability to reproduce leading to tumor shrinking.


1. Attach the patient's head to the treatment table with a mask using the Frameless system. This ensures that the patient's head is attached to the table by means of a direct attachment and ensures that the patient will keep the appropriate position during irradiation. It is also a much more comfortable posture.

2. Scanning the brain through images will allow us to discover the location of the tumour, its size and shape.

3.  Merge the images obtained in the MRI and CT. They are an excellent guide for planning the treatment.

4.   Introduce the results of the brain scans into a planning system that allows the team to plan the appropriate areas to treat and, most importantly, the radiation doses.

The most important members of the team when carrying out this treatment are radiotherapy oncologists, radiophysicists (responsible for calculating and planning), radiotherapy technicians (responsible for preparing the patient and providing the treatment) and neuroradiologists (responsible for helping to determine the treatment volumes and high-risk organs).

This new treatment has been incorporated at Juaneda Miramar, the only hospital that puts it into practice, is an excellent alternative to other more invasive surgeries. And it is especially recommended for patients who cannot undergo surgery, those with difficult-to-access tumours or metastatic patients. 

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