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Juaneda incorporates an endoscopic camera that facilitates the diagnosis of intestinal diseases
Clínica Juaneda

Juaneda incorporates an endoscopic camera that facilitates the diagnosis of intestinal diseases

Talking about pain isn't always easy. Describing symptoms and discomfort can sometimes be difficult for the patient. Unusual pains and discomfort in undetermined places make it difficult to diagnose illnesses.

Science and medicine have once again made it easier now for both doctors and patients.

At Clinica Juaneda we have incorporated an endoscopic capsule of the small bowel, in other words, a micro-camera with which we can see the inside of the patient and make an easier and quicker diagnosis of the disease. It is a high-tech diagnostic tool that allows us to easily study this particular part of the gastrointestinal tract.

The capsule endoscopy camera is inside a capsule the size of a vitamin pill that patients must swallow. As the capsule travels through the digestive tract, the camera takes hundreds of photographs that are transmitted to a recorder, placed on a belt around the patient's waist. 

Dr. Carmen Garrido, an experienced gastroenterologist at Clinica Juaneda, explains that gastroscopy and colonoscopy are the most commonly used methods for treating diseases that affect the digestive system. Nevertheless, it was difficult to access the small bowel until the appearance of this method. With the so-called endoscopic capsule we have access to the entire small bowel and we can diagnose or study inflammatory diseases such as Crohn's disease, malabsorption syndromes such as celiac disease, tumours of the small bowel, gastrointestinal bleeding or iron deficiency anaemia of unknown cause. This process is also a direct and a less invasive process.

Capsular Endoscopy Process

This is a very simple and safe procedure.

The first thing we will do is place a portable video recorder to the patient who will receive all the information.

Afterwards, and always on an empty stomach, the patient will swallow the capsule that will travel through the digestive system while capturing images.

We will remove the capsule through the stool and without any discomfort for the patient.

At the end of the journey, which lasts about 8 hours, the images are examined and a report is elaborated.

In addition, during the test and the following days, the patient will be able to continue with normal activities.

These are the diseases that can be detected through the capsule

- Inflammatory bowel disease, e.g. Crohn's disease.

- Gastrointestinal bleeding and its causes.

- Cancer and tumor detection in the small bowel.

- Celiac diseases.

- Polyps.

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