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Educational psychology is the branch of psychology that studies the psychological phenomena that can improve teaching and educational methods.

It analyses brain function, from the point of view of cognitive and socio-affective processes that are involved in learning.

Our approach to educational psychology focuses on providing support for schoolchildren.

The child attends a consultation at our centre and is monitored at school and in the family environment, and when necessary studying the child’s behaviour at school and his or her interactions with teachers. This is therefore a global view of the child’s life and behaviour in different settings and environments.

It treats:

Socio-affective issues: family and school surroundings, and personal aspects 

Cognitive aspects: attention/concentration, memory, language, thought, psychomotor skills and perception. 

Reading and writing: quality, speed, mistakes in reading and writing, reading comprehension... 

Calculation: understanding of mathematical language, handling operations (oral and written), problem solving… 

Team: M.ª Carmen Sánchez, A. Liljedahl and Javier Cardala.

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. Limited German and French.

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