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International Medical Center Juaneda (JIM)

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medical team description

Physiotherapy is an alternative form of therapy that helps treat a host of acute and chronic conditions. Its aim is physical rehabilitation and pain relief. Physiotherapy focuses on...Leer más

Acupuncture medical team description

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine and is a technique dating backthousands of years. By inserting needles at strategic points and different depths, specific points of the...Leer más

Cardiologymedical team description

Cardiology is the medical speciality covering cardiovascular diseases. It treats problems of the heart and the circulatory system. Its basic purpose is... Leer más

Clinical Neurophysiology medical team Family and community medicinemedical team description

This is the medical speciality that provides ongoing and comprehensive healthcare for individuals and families alike. It comprises biological, clinical and behavioural sciences. Family... Leer más

Homeopathy medical team description

Homeopathy is therapeutic in its approach and treats both physical ailments andbehavioural issues. It is based on the Hippocratic principle of like curing...Leer más

Internal medicinemedical team description

Internal medicine is the speciality that provides full and comprehensive clinical care for patients with health problems. It is concerned with diagnosing and... Leer más

Neurologymedical team description

Neurology is the part of medicine that is concerned with anatomy, physiology and diseases of the nervous system. Medical team: Dr Chulilla and Dr Prof.... Leer más

Obstetrics and gynaecologymedical team description

This is the medical speciality dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses affecting women. They consist of comprehensive medical care for women... Leer más

Orthopaedic surgery and traumatologymedical team description

The speciality of traumatology is the branch of medicine devoted to studying injuries to the musculoskeletal system. Its basic purpose is the study, diagnosis,... Leer más

Osteopathy medical team description

Osteopathy is a method of treating illnesses based on massages and joint manipulation, and is based on the theory that the body is able to produce its own remedies against disease, and...Leer más

Plastic and cosmetic surgery and Reparative surgerymedical team description

Plastic surgery helps patients achieve greater normality in appearance and functionality (in cases of congenital defects, accidents and other alterations). It also helps people wishing to... Leer más

Psicopedagogía medical team description

Educational psychology is the branch of psychology that studies the psychological phenomena that can improve teaching and educational methods.It analyses brain function, from the...Leer más

Psychiatrymedical team description

Psychiatry is the speciality that studies mental illnesses. It is in charge of preventing, diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating people with mental disorders, helping people... Leer más

Psychology medical team description

Psychology is the discipline that studies human behaviour and mental processes through various methods of research and empirical observations.It explores concepts such...Leer más

Pulmonology medical team description

Pulmonology is the speciality that deals with diseases of the breathing apparatus, as well as the necessary diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive techniques to treat... Leer más

Tabakentwöhnung medical team description

The nutritionist assesses the patient’s state of nutrition and determines the necessary food plan according to specific biological, metabolic and sociocultural...Leer más

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